Deschembault round 7, 2019

CTR Motorsports left round 7 of the Canadian Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Series with some impressive results showing that every weekend the team is able to adapt and continue to move forward. The team worked hard all weekend and the improved results show for it! The #21 of Josh Osby would not line up this weekend in Deschambault due to an upper body injury and is being monitored day to day. We hope to see Josh back out there for Round 8 at Walton.

Josh Snider, founder of Redemption Racing, lead the Devotion/chapel service after the riders meeting. He talked about the mysteries within the bible that are will be revealed to us through meditation of God’s word. For more depth on the topic, you can listen to the full audio recording here: 

 Jayce Pennington is rounding into form after spending an extended amount of time coming off a injury sustained during Supercross. 250 Moto 1 saw Jayce finish in 3rd place, Pennington would charge hard all Moto where he would battle with many of the top guys in the 250 pro class. This marks Jayce’s first ever pro national podium. It was great to see the Rockstar Energy sponsored rider up on the box in front of a very supportive crowd in Deschambault. Carrying his confidence from the Podium finish, Pennington would grab the holeshot in Moto 2, leading a pro national for the first time in his career. Jayce would ultimately tighten up resulting in the loss of a few positions. Pennington would charge hard to an 8th place finish. His 3-8 would put him in the 6th position for the overall on the day. We wish Jayce a relaxing weekend off and hope to see him back on the box in Walton. 

“Jayce had a great weekend,  he was on point with his starts, the BBM powered machine ripped the holeshot in the second moto.  He found himself in a position that he has never been before, leading a moto. He missed on that opportunity, but will be better the next race when he finds himself in a similar position.  We are pleased with his progress and look for him to build upon his experiences for the final round.”

  • Skip Norfolk (CTR Motorsports Crew Chief) 

Keylan Meston and Eric Jeffery would both put down great qualifying times in the competitive 450 class heading into Moto 1. Keylan 5th and Eric 17th. Moto 1 saw Meston make a small mistake on the second lap of the Moto where he would find himself in 17th position. Showing the heart of a lion, Keylan charged hard and was able to salvage a top 10 finish by the checkers. Keylan set the fastest lap of the race during the final lap of Moto 1. Eager to show that he is a threat in the premier 450 class, Keylan got another great start after the gate dropped for Moto 2. He would ride a very consistent Moto where he would finish a series best of 4th place. Keylans 10-4 finish would result in a 6th overall. 

“Clearly Keylan showed us today that he has great sand and hard pack skills and can adapt to all track conditions”

The number #28 of Eric Jeffery would not have the best day at Deschambault. Jeffery would suffer from a mechanical issue during Moto 1 which would ultimately place him in 39th position heading into the second Moto of the day. During the third lap of Moto 2, Eric would suffer from a crash which led to him losing about a minute of time. He went from 18th position pushing towards the front, to ultimately finishing in 28th position for Moto 2. He would finish the day in 27th overall. 

The team will be debuting the 2020 FXR gear in two weeks at the final round of the Canadian Rockstar Energy MX Tour in Walton, ON. Be sure to come out, have a look, and cheer on the CTR team as they look for another set of impressive results.