2013 – Round #6

The 6th round of the series was near Ottawa, Ontario at Sand Del Lee Motocross park. The weather was much cooler than last week which provided us with great conditions for racing this weekend.

At the devotional I talked about how the words we speak have power.

James 3:10 “Out of the mouth proceeds blessing and cursing.”

I shared lyrics from a song by a Christian artist Hawk Nelson called “Words”:

They’ve made me feel like a prisoner

They’ve made me feel set free

They’ve made me feel like a criminal

Made me feel like a king

They’ve lifted my heart

To places I’d never been

And they’ve dragged me down

Back to where I began

Words can build you up

Words can break you down

Start a fire in your heart or

Put it out

Let my words be life

Let my words be truth


Our words have tremendous power. For example the first chapter of Genesis tells us how God spoke His world into existence. God said “Let there be light” and night and day came in to existence.

Isaiah 55:11 “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

Words are what God uses to do His work. We have the same power with our own words.

Matthew 12:36, 37;  “And I tell you this, you must give an account on judgment day for every idle word you speak. The words you say will either acquit you or condemn you.”

Sarcasm is an area that many people take lightly and think there is no harm whatsoever in being sarcastic. However, the bible teaches us that our YES should be YES and our NO should be NO. In other words say what you mean, and mean what you say, and rid yourself of all sarcastic speech. Our speech should be pure or single, not double minded or wavering. The words we speak should be positive. We are accountable for the things we say and the words we speak.

Romans 10:9, 10; “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.”

The power of our words can save us from death by professing our sins and inviting the Holy Spirit to come into our life.


From Gavin…

Greetings Everyone,

This past weekend was Round 6 of the Canadian Motocross Nationals in Richmond, Ontario. It was another great weekend for fellowship and racing.


Moto 1 Recap

When the gate dropped in Moto 1 I got a great jump and was in a good position to be top 5, and that’s when everything changed. Once we got into turn 1, I was hit from behind which shifted my position just enough to hook my front wheel onto another riders foot peg. After we got hooked together, it was enough to drag us both to the ground where we would begin to untangle our bikes. With lots of ground to make up, I did the best I could to race through the pack before time ran out. Hoping for top 5, I was only able to reach top 10 in Moto 1.


Moto 2 Recap

I got off to another great start in Moto 2, and once again would find myself on the ground in turn 1. This time I was able to remount much quicker and make several passes in the first couple laps. In the pursuit of another position, I found myself getting hit once again from another rider, and again I would hit the ground and this is where I would lose most of my time. With a tweaked front end on my bike, I would be hindered to move through the pack like I would have wanted to. I managed to make one more mistake at the close of the Moto to put me on the ground one last time. I would finish the day with a 7-13 for 10th overall. This happened to be another tough weekend for me, but in spite of the bad results, God is still faithful in keeping me safe.


I am inadequate to accomplish all that I need to accomplish without the help of Christ. It is when I keep my focus on Christ’s sufficiency that I realize that He is able to accomplish whatever He chooses to accomplish through me.


Deuteronomy 33:25

Your sandals shall be Iron and bronze, as your days, so shall your strength be.

Psalm 105:4

Look to the Lord and His strength, seek His face always.


I am thankful to have this platform to race and glorify my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I also want to thank my Wife, my Parents, my Church, COGI Athletics, Next Level Training & Motivation, as well as all the sponsors and supporters of Redemption Racing for their continued prayers and support!



From Eric Jeffery…

In the first moto, I got off the gate pretty good and it felt like I was coming into the corner in a good position until a rider on my inside clipped my handlebar which sent me to the ground. I got up and was one of the last riders to get up and going. I put my head down and charged through the pack ending up 18th. Second moto I got another bad start and was near the back of the pack but quickly made passes to get myself into the top 20 on the first lap. I was riding good and making passes until on about the third lap I slid out in a corner dropping me back 10 positions. I quickly regrouped and was able to come back for another 18th. God always protects me from injury every weekend even with these minor crashes. This week I’m going to try and work hard to get back into the top 15 where I belong!!!!


From Michael…

Last chance, last round. This was an exciting weekend for me indeed, as this weekend marked my final race of the Canadian nationals. Saying goodbye was definitely difficult, but even with the difficulty of leaving racing behind I still had a blast racing and enjoyed the company of family and friends. My dad and a couple of family friends came this weekend to watch and also to participate as my dad’s friend’s son, Reece raced his very first pro race in the MX2 class along side of me. Reese and I had a blast out on the fun, yet tough track in the sand. I came close to qualifying within only a second and Reese also had a good ride with only finishing a few seconds behind for his first pro race ever. Even though we both missed qualifying we surely enjoyed the rest of the day watching good racing and battles as well as spending time with good friends and a good team. I want to thank and praise God and Jesus Christ for keeping us all safe and returning us all back home safely as well. I want to thank Redemption Racing, for the great opportunity of racing for them and being a part of their awesome ministry!! I would also like to thank my dad, for helping support me throughout the season and also Ronnie Dement, for helping me and accompanying me to all the rounds and for everything that he does for us! I want to also thank Josh Snider, for allowing me the opportunity to race for his team and to represent his ministry, as he is an excellent minister and I pray and hope for the best for this ministry! Lastly I would like to thank all my sponsors for helping support my racing throughout the season; Tisco Racing, Redemption Racing, Fly Racing, Dragon Goggles, Jeffery Homes, and everyone else! Good luck to the rest of the team, Gavin and Eric for the remainder of the season and God bless everyone!!



From Robin…

I arrived at Sand Del Lee Friday evening only to find the track under water.  The track crew did a great job to have a track ready for us to race Saturday, kudos to them.  Sand Del Lee was a new track for me so practice was an opportunity to learn the track and try to get up to speed.  In moto 1, I had a decent start, only to go down and stall the bike early in lap 2.   I got up, started the bike and rejoined the race in last place.  I then found a decent rhythm and raced my way back to 18th and was looking forward to moto2.  Moto2 was almost a carbon copy of moto 1, with me going down in a corner on lap two while trying to make a pass.  I feel that I rode better in moto 2 but finished in a disappointing 19th place.  I am very thankful to finish the day without injury and the chance to interact with so many great people at the races.  Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to Deschambault for the final round but I would like to thank the team at Redemption Racing for such a great opportunity.

This coming weekend we are going to a track in Quebec that has not held a national since 2004. From what I remember it was a fun track to ride. Let’s hope it is as good as I remember it to be!!


Our ministry and team efforts would not be possible without the help from:

GP bikes, Jeffery Homes, Tisco Industrial Services, Boot Trucking, Mainland Sand and Gravel, Wild West Fencing,, Fly racing, Dragon, sunstar, Gamma, KTM, Hot Cams, Pivot Works, Vertex, Hindle Exhaust, Dubya, Renthal, Cycra, Friesen Plastic Products, SDG, Dunlop, K&N, Renegade, Hinson, Matrix, Superior Suspension Settings, Coastal Coffee, & Contact Welding Supplies.

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