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The last round of the 2016 Rockstar motocross nationals was in Barrie, Ontario. There was heavy rain leading up to the event but race day turned out to be perfect conditions.


Sunday Devotion

The Power of our thoughts


Nothing is as powerful as your mind, other than God.


2 Timothy 1:7

“For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”


The fear and worry you have was not given to you by God. The thing you need to remember is that He gave YOU power, Not just people who are a fast racer or smart enough or good-looking enough! God gave you power!


God has given you love! Not based on what other people think of you, but He gives you love!


God has given you a sound mind! Regardless of what teachers or coaches, parents or doctors have said about you. God has created the ability in you to have a sound mind.


Having toxic thinking or having things rattle around in you mind is not sent from God. I promise you that God has given you ways to get out of it. And we need to tap into what that sound mind and sound thinking is that God has given us.

The power that God has given you with your mind is more powerful than the medication, condition & circumstances you are going through right now.


King Solomon said in Proverbs 4:23,

“Guard your heart above all else; for out of it are the issues of life.”


The key words are “issues of life” which when translated into its original language means this: to refer to the borders, territories or boundaries of a city.


So when we apply this translation to the proverb, Solomon is actually saying “above all else guard your heart, for out of it are the boundaries of life” It’s what limits you. We put fences up.


In Proverbs 23:7, Solomon said “as a man thinks in his heart so is he”


Solomon is not talking about our physical heart. Our heart can’t think. He is talking about our subconscious thinking or your gut thinking. So Solomon is saying: Above all else guard your “gut thinking” for out of it flows the borders of your life.


Fences! Every one of you have borders in your life! Things you want in your mind but your subconscious created a border. For Example: I want that so bad, I knew I wasn’t going to get that anyways, I knew that wasn’t going to work out.  That’s your subconscious. You wanted it with your mind but your subconscious created a border in your life. We put boundaries and limitations on what God can do in our life.


That is why some people are able to overcome a circumstance or mountains in life and others simply don’t. Pay attention to how your heart thinks!


We are going to learn how to move our borders. Your heart builds a fence and God only farms to the fence line.


What is possible with God? The bible says all things are possible to him who loves God (to those who expand their fence).


Let’s look at the science. Doctors conducted a study called:

The local and non local effect of coherent heart frequency and conformational changes of DNA.


This study showed that thinking and feeling anger, fear and frustration causes DNA to change shape according to thought and feeling. Every day when you wake up your body produces new DNA. The study showed that the DNA responded to fear, anger and frustration by becoming shorter and switching off many DNA codes. Which reduced quality of expression and much more. When we feel shut down by negative emotion our body begins to feel this way. How you think determines weather or not you produce full size or short (fence) size DNA.


This science proves that God has given you power and a sound mind to change the path and outcome of your life.


Above all else guard your heart because out of it flows the issues, the fences and your DNA.

That DNA actually is produced based on your thoughts. Your thinking is not affected by your DNA, your DNA is affected by your thinking.


Saturday night bible study

Listen to Michael Thacker’s pod cast from Redemption Racing’s pit




Race Results


Shawn Maffenbeier (#15): 4-5 for 5th overall 

Shawn came into the weekend prepared for the win. He was in good position both motos but fell trying to make the passes needed to get out front. Shawn and the team are pleased to have achieved 2nd in the MX2 series. He will have national #12 next season.

Shawn’s season is far from over, as he will be representing team Canada in the MX de Nations in northern Italy in late September!

3X9A5425 3X9A5441

Cade Clason (#6): 4-11 for 6th overall

Cade had two great starts running 3rd for over half of the first moto. He proved that he has the speed to run with the leaders. In the second moto his good start ended in the second turn when he went down when another rider hit his front wheel. He put in a great ride otherwise. Cade finished 7th in the series- so will have national # 7 next season!!

3X9A5484 3X9A5575

Eric Jeffery (#33): 16-17 for 17th overall 

Eric had a great season putting in his best effort every weekend. With missing 4 motos due to injury he was still able to earn his career best national #32!

3X9A5509 3X9A5519

Michael Thacker (#339): 29-34 for 37th

We have enjoyed the opportunity to have Mike on the team this season. Every weekend he puts in the effort to earn points towards a national number and he achieved that by earning national #89.


3X9A5392 3X9A5890

Alex Jeffery (#50): 15-34 for 22nd overall 

The team made a deal with Alex at the beginning of the season that if he doesn’t get a holeshot we were going to cut his hair off. Both motos he was very close to doing so and put in a valid effort. Unfortunately, he had bike issues in the second moto. Alex earned national #48… And still has his long hair.

3X9A5468 3X9A5689

Our ministry, and race team would not be possible without the tremendous generosity, and support of our growing sponsors. Our primary goal is to share Christ’s love on, and off the track, and to provide a compassionate ear, and heart for those who are lost and hurting. The truth of Jesus never fails to provide hope during despairing times. Thanks again to all those people who provide their time, money, and prayers as we travel across this beautiful country- Canada that we call home. Have a great week!



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