Redemption Racing Newsletter Gopher Dunes

After a two week break, we returned to racing again in Courtland, Ontario at the sandy Gopher Dunes track.

At the morning devotion I talked about overcoming obstacles in life and it is what we do in the difficult times that count most.

We are all on a journey in this life and with every journey, comes obstacles. It is not the types of obstacles that we encounter in life that make the difference, but it is overcoming those obstacles that will build strength in our life for future success!

When you go through the delays in life, don’t get discouraged. Don’t lose heart. Don’t give up! The Israelites did, and it kept them out of the Promised Land. Numbers 14:2-4 says, “All the Israelites grumbled against Moses … ‘If only we had died in Egypt!’… We should choose a leader and go back to Egypt” (NIV).

They gave up on their dream. They had been rescued after 400 years of slavery but then wanted to go back because they were up against obstacles that they didn’t know how to overcome.

It is sad to think that, like the Israelites, some people would rather live in slavery than face the fear of freedom. They are not willing to push through and work on the problem until they get it right. They want to give up. They settle for mediocrity in life.

I believe we can get so stuck in the rhythm of our life as we know it to be. Sometimes we fail to see or understand the advantages of stepping out in faith and accepting the challenges of overcoming the unknown or unwanted.

What would our lives look like if we set out on a different path entirely- a path that required more effort but promised a lot more reward?

Don’t settle for less than God’s best for your life. If that means going through a tunnel of conflict, take the tunnel. In the middle of the tunnel, it will be dark, and you will want to run back to the light. But you’ve got to keep going until you come out on the other side into the light.

Instead of getting discouraged, be persistent and pray.

Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

This is the law of the harvest: There is always a delay between sowing and reaping. You plant in one season, and you reap in another. God wants to see if you’re going to keep cultivating, planting, and sowing. If he sees consistency in your life, then the harvest will come. It will not come immediately, because it proves nothing if he does it immediately- there would be no character development or stretching of your faith.

Jesus said in Luke 18:1, “[You] must always pray and never lose heart” (Phillips).


Race Results

 3X9A3729 3X9A3798

Cade Clason (#761)

Claims to be a poor sand rider but he put in some promising results and proved his prime fitness on the weekend finishing 8-7 for 7th overall.

 3X9A3434 3X9A3448 3X9A3646 3X9A3669

Seth Rarick (#17)

Finished first moto in 7th despite some bike setup issues. In the second moto, Seth showed his true talent and fitness after going down in the first turn and flying through the pack back up to 7th only to be let down with a mechanical failure with 10 minutes to go, resulting in a DNF. He finished 7- DNF for 14th overall.

 3X9A3595 3X9A3770

Eric Jeffery (#69)

Showed some consistent results but the sand got the better of him. After going down in both motos he finished 23-25 for 26th overall.

 3X9A3436 IMG_7085

Alex Jeffery (#111)

Finished 23 -23 for 29th overall.

Our ministry, and race team would not be possible without the tremendous generosity, and support of our growing sponsors. Our primary goal is to share Christ’s love on, and off the track, and to provide a compassionate ear, and heart for those who are lost and hurting. The truth of Jesus never fails to provide hope during despairing times. Thanks again to all those people who provide their time, money, and prayers as we travel across this beautiful country- Canada that we call home. Have a great week!

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