Gopher Dunes Results 2019

 CTR Motorsports Looks to Get Back To Their Winning Ways in Ottawa

Club MX, Traders Racing, and Redemption Racing team riders Josh Osby, Jayce Pennington, Keylan Meston, and Eric Jeffery took on Gopher Dunes during Round 4 of the Canadian Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series. CTR Motorsports lites rider Jayce Pennington made his Canadian debut this weekend at Gopher Dunes. Jayce is just recently coming back to racing after an injury sustained during the Supercross series. We at CTR are fully committed to Jayce’s program and hope to see him lay down some very impressive results upon his arrival. Round 4 at Gopher was also the Canadian National debut of the Hoosier Sand Tire which proved to work well throughout the day. With help from the Hoosier Sand tire Osby was able to qualify 2nd overall early Saturday morning. 

Josh Snider, founder of Redemption Racing, lead the Devotion/chapel service after the riders meeting. He continued speaking about our mental strength. That the location of our faith needs to remain in Christ and not our outcome. For more depth on the topic, you can listen to the full audio recording here:

As the gate dropped for 250 Moto 1 Jayce Pennington #131 got a great start where we saw him make the first few turns in 5th position. Jayce would ride very comfortably around the rough Gopher Dunes track until unfortunately he suffered an engine failure on the YZ250F ultimately heading out of Moto 1 credited with a 16th place finish. Moto 1 saw Josh Osby charge out of the gate until he got pinched in the first corner. As Osby crossed the finish line for the first time he was able to make some important passes to move up to 5th position. Continuing to move towards the front of the pack Josh would suffer a mechanical issue on his 9th lap, unable to continue, Osby was scored as 37th, with the DNF. 

In Between moto’s CTR team was hard at work swapping motors on both Josh Osby and Jayce Penningtons YZ250F in order to prepare for Moto 2. As Moto 2 commenced, Pennington was involved in a crash which put him in 40th position, dead last, as he passed the Rockstar Energy finish line for the first time. Jayce put his head down and made some very crucial passes where he would ultimately finish in 18th position. Jayce’s riding was much better than his results show and both CTR and Jayce are looking forward to next week in Ottawa. 

With a fresh motor complementing the Ohlins suspension Josh was able to get a great start out of the gate. Josh would make a minor mistake that would put him to the ground. Josh got up and charged his way with the goal of making as many passes as possible. He went from 15th to 6th by the end of Moto 2. Despite the issues earlier in the day, Josh was definitely able to finish off the day strong with a 13th overall at Gopher Dunes. 

The 450 class saw both CTR riders Keylan Meston #10 and Eric Jeffery #28 line up at the gate for Moto 1. As the gate dropped Keylan sat in around 11th position as he rounded the first lap. During his second lap, Keylan unfortunately had a crash which caused the radiator to get clogged with sand. Consequently, Keylans YZ450F overheated resulting in a DNF and a 36th overall finish. After another motor swap, Keylan charged hard in his 2nd Moto to cross the finish line in 19th position, placing him 21st overall on the weekend. Eric Jeffery’s Moto 1 would start with some issues as he locked bars with another rider launching out of the starting gate. Eric was able to stay upright on his YZ450F but would cross the line in 30th position after lap 1. Posting his fastest lap of the day on lap 2, with assistance from his Hoosier Sand tires Jeffery quickly made some crucial passes to cross the checkers in 18th for Moto 1. The brutal track and humid weather conditions would ultimately take their toll on Eric physically during Moto 2. Eric pushed as hard as he could all Moto long to finish in 22nd, placing Jeffery in 20th position overall during Round 4 at Gopher Dunes. 

When adversity comes your way, it’s how you handle it as a team at the time that brings out the true character of people. From riders to mechanics to support staff we passed this test with flying colours. We will be a better and stronger team moving forward as a result of a very tough day. Very proud of our guys/ girls.”

  • Scott Jeffery (CTR Motorsports Team Manager)

We would like to send out a huge thank you to all of our sponsors and everyone who helps us out. Our mechanics deserve great recognition after a day that was filled with mechanical issues, without these guys we wouldn’t be able to push through like we do. Thank You to Skip, Dougie, Greg and Josh for pushing through no matter the circumstances. 

Press Release Done By: Andrew White/ andrew.ericwhite@gmail.com