Results from RD. 3 Minnedosa. 2019

Despite the torrential rain, wind, and cold weather that passed through McNabb Valley MX track on Saturday the CTR team battled through the elements in order to salvage some meaningful points before the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown heads to the east. 

Josh Snider, founder of Redemption Racing, lead the Devotion/chapel service after the riders meeting. He continued speaking about our mental strength. That prayer is not about moving God, it’s about moving us and our heart to see Him, and moving our boundaries and belief systems.For more depth on the topic, you can listen to the full audio recording here:

CTR Motorsports 450 pro rider Keylan Meston qualified 4th place in Minnedosa this weekend with some very impressive lap times given the rough and rutted McNabb Valley track. As the day unfolded the weather in Manitoba started to attack the track viciously, officially turning round 3 into a mudder!

As the gate dropped for Moto 1 Keylan had a great start that placed him near the front of the pack for the first half of the Moto. With help from his CTR prepped YZ450F equipped with Ohlins suspension, Keylan was able to make his way into 2nd place. After pushing to maintain a podium spot Keylan, unfortunately, got tangled up with another rider removing Meston from a podium spot in Minnedosa. Keylan ended up finishing in 10th position as he crossed the checkers in Moto 1. 

“I felt confident all day, qualified 4th and was motivated to grab my first podium. While running up with the top 3 during Moto 1 I got tangled up with Cole Thompson around the halfway mark. I ended up salvaging 10th overall. I’ve had a slow start to the season but I’m gaining momentum and excited to regroup and hit the eastern swing!” Keylan Meston #10

Eric Jeffery #28 did not line up for the race this weekend in Minnedosa. 

Rockstar Energy support rider Josh Osby had a tough day charging against the rough track conditions in Minnedosa. During Moto 1 Osby had a great holeshot landing him in 2nd position. Osby fought hard to stay with the front of the pack battling back and forth between podium positions. Due to the sloppy track conditions Josh rain into a lapped rider who had gotten stuck in the deep mud. Josh was quite a ways behind the stuck lapper but due to the ruts being deep and demanding it was a challenge to get out and find a different race line. Osby was able to reel in the race leaders which placed him in a podium spot. Osby continued to move forward setting the fastest lap time in 250 pro Moto 1. After that things started to go downhill unfortunately. After a small bobble Osby went down which resulted in a snapped footpeg. After battling to get back into a podium position Josh dealt with heavy roost and ended up getting mud in his eye. Josh was still able to finish in 17th position after riding hard with minimal vision. 

In an unfortunate turn of events second Moto’s were cancelled due to the torrential track conditions. Round 3 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series in Minnedosa, Manitoba would end early and positions/ points earned in Moto 1 would consequently be the overall results for Round 3

The Club MX, Traders Racing, Redemption Racing Team would like to once again thank our entire crew for all the hard work they put in. The teams mechanics had their work cut out for them this weekend but were able to make sure that the riders could perform to their best ability despite the weather. We are excited to get to the east rounds and back to our winning ways.