Prince George results 2019

Club MX, Traders Racing, and Redemption Racing team riders Josh Osby, Keylan Meston, and Eric Jeffery rode great all day long to make a statement during round 2. Osby ended up falling just short of an overall podium spot this weekend in Prince George, BC. 

Josh Snider, founder of Redemption Racing, lead the Devotion/chapel service after the riders meeting. He continued speaking about our mental strength. That the words that come out of our mouth under pressure reveal what is in our heart. For more depth on the topic, you can listen to the full audio recording here:

Devotion/Chapel from Prince George

Qualifying saw Rockstar Energy Support Rider Josh Osby, with the red plate from Round 1, push hard to grab 2nd place heading into Moto 1. The #10 of Keylan Meston put in some impressive lap times with the series top riders in order to secure 8th during qualifying. Alongside Meston was CTR Motorsports rider Eric Jeffery on the #28 Yamaha who qualified 18th place while continuing to progress throughout the day. 

As the gate dropped for 250 Moto 1. Osby started in around 7th place and would stay there for the first lap trying to find a way around the pack in front of him. By the 3rd lap Josh started to move through the pack towards a podium spot. As Osby propelled his CTR Yamaha with help from his Ohlins suspension he was able to steal the final podium spot for Moto 1 and finished 3rd on the box heading into Moto 2. Moto 2 saw Osby round the first lap in 5th place. Continuing to progress, Josh was able to grasp 4th place in Moto 2 landing him 4th overall in Prince George. Josh, among many riders that have attended the last two rounds, are not fond of the concrete starts and are glad to know that they are over with moving forward. 

“During Moto 2 we made a fork change and unfortunately it didn’t work the way we wanted it to. We are going to go back to what I know works and come back swinging next weekend. That’s what we have to do” Josh Osby 

Keylan Meston qualified 8th place heading into 450 Moto 1. Starting from 9th place Keylan was able to make a few passes to finish 7th place in Moto 1. Between Motos the CTR team made some chassis adjustments to Keylans CTR YZ450F race bike which worked in his favor and allowed him to be more comfortable on the bike throughout Moto 2. During Moto 2 Keylan was able to ride hard up to 8th by mid-Moto and then ultimately finished in 7th place. Meston finished the day with a 7th overall. This was a strong ride for Keylan as he becomes more comfortable on his CTR YZ450F. 

CTR Motorsports rider Eric Jeffery went into Moto 1 having qualified 18th earlier in the day. Moto 1 saw Jeffery get a great start, with help from his Hoosier tires, Eric rounded the first lap in 13th place where he continued to ride hard to keep his position. He stayed there for a large majority of the race, ultimately finishing in 15th place. As the gate dropped for Moto 2 Eric started in 18th and rode very consistent to keep that spot all Moto long to the checkered flag. Round 2 allowed Eric to showcase his improvement and smoother riding style, to better his results from round 1. Eric finished the day with a 17th overall and a desire to keep riding hard. Crew Chief Skip Norfolk has made adjustments to Eric’s Yamaha YZ450F race bike very easy with his expert chassis set up and tuning skills. 

“[Josh] We let him down as far as the chassis goes, we absolutely missed the set up today. However he’s here for a reason, he wants to win the title and he salvaged what he could get out of it.”

“ We didn’t meet our expectations in the lites class however we continue to build our foundation in the 450 class.”Skip Norfolk (CTR Crew Chief)

CTR Motorsports is ready for Round 3 in Manitoba and is looking forward to getting back to their winning ways in the lites class. We wish the entire CTR Motorsports team good luck this week as they prepare to once again take the points lead in the lites class, and further establish their prominence in the 450 class.

A huge thank you to the whole team as we embark on this newly merged racing effort and continue to work hard throughout the 2019 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Series.