Walton Round 8, 2019

CTR Motorsports arrived in Walton, ON for the final round of the Canadian Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Series with the hope to finish off the year strong with some impressive work from the CTR team. Throughout the series CTR Motorsports have shown they have what it takes to be a championship team. Week in and out the team works extremely hard in order to make sure the riders are comfortable and ready to race. Coming into Walton, the team was focused on finishing the series strong and gathering valuable points heading into the Supercross portion of the Triple Crown Series. 

Josh Snider, founder of Redemption Racing, lead the Devotion/chapel service after the riders meeting. He talked about how reading and meditating on the bible gives us power to make changes in our life. For more depth on the topic, you can listen to the full audio recording here: h

Rockstar Energy supported rider Josh Osby would enter Round 8 at Walton with a throat infection, still looking to put down some results. Moto 1 would see Osby charge hard all Moto, despite his sickness, to an impressive 5th place finish. Osby attempted to race Moto 2 but decided to call it a day due to the infection. Josh finished 9th in points despite missing 2 rounds of the Triple Crown MX Series. He was one of only 4 guys to get an overall podium throughout the series as well as hold the red plate for a weekend. Thank You Josh for all the hard work you’ve put in this season. 

CTR Motorsports Rockstar Energy Supported rider Jayce Pennington would come into Walton with high hopes after landing on the podium in Deschambault. Moto 1 would unfortunately see Jayce get into a bad collision during the first corner which would derail the start of the CTR riders day. Although suffering from an injured shoulder, Jayce showed the determination to line up for Moto 2 at Walton. Moto 2 saw Jayce charging in 7th position for 3 laps when he would end up colliding with another rider mid air, over the tunnel jump. Jayce showed great potential coming back after his injury sustained during supercross. Jayce has finished in the top 10 the last two rounds leading up to Walton. Podiums are definitely in Jayce’s future heading into the Supercross portion of the Triple Crown Series. 

450 qualifying saw Keylan Meston in 4th position heading into Moto 1. As the riders lined up for 450 Moto 1 Keylan would get off to a great start, grabbing the holeshot and starting the Moto in the lead. He would ride hard all Moto long to finish in 5th position. Moto 2 saw Meston get another great start where he was able to display the high level skills that he possesses. Charging hard Keylan would finish Moto 2 in 6th for a very consistent 5th overall finish at Walton. Meston would finish the MX series in 6th overall, ahead of several factory supported riders. 

Eric Jeffery’s day would go well as he was able to once again put in some consistent riding and end up in the top 20 overall of the Triple Crown MX series. Moto 1 would see Jeffery get caught up in a bad situation after the start, he would cross the finish in 30th position. Eric would put his head down and move his way into 19th position where he would finish off the Moto. Jeffery’s second moto would see the CTR rider with a much better start. Running in 14th for the first lap, Eric would have a small tip over on the rough and rutted Walton Raceway. While losing almost 15 seconds from the tip over Eric would push hard towards the pack where he would ultimately finish in 17th. He would finish 19th overall at Walton and 16th in the overall series points for the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Series. 

Owner of ClubMX Brandon Haes decided to line up in the 450 class for some fun at the final round in Walton. Brandon went 16-19 for a very respectable 17th overall. 

Round 8 at Walton is one for the books as it marks the end of an amazing MX series in Canada. We at CTR Motorsports would like to thank the entire team for their endless work this season. We would also like to thank the sponsors that allow us to continue to operate at such a high level, without your help none of this would be possible.